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P&G Manufacturing Decarbonization Program

You're invited to join our leading decarbonization program to improve your environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

As part of P&G’s Manufacturing Decarbonization Program, Manufacture 2030 is working with key suppliers like yourself to help support your reduction journey. With a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions coming from the raw materials and manufacturing process used in the wider supply chain, there is a huge opportunity to collaborate and make a difference.

  1. Reducing emissions
  2. Aligning to customer targets
  3. Driving down business costs


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Measurement to action

Manufacture 2030's market-leading platform enables you to measure, manage and reduce emissions across your operations.

With AI-powered, tailored suggestions, you can go from measurement to action in a matter of minutes.

Gain confidence, forecast your emissions, and take climate action together.


How does Manufacture 2030 help?

We help you to reduce emissions, align to customer targets, and drive down business costs on one simple platform that adds value for your operational and corporate teams alike.

Our intuitive tools and supplier success team make it easy for you to help your customers meet their carbon commitments, strengthening relationships while identifying targeted opportunities for you to enhance the environmental reputation and commercial performance of your business.

Example of the action plans available on the M2030 platform

Our pricing

Your customers have made a significant investment in the program as part of their wider net zero strategy and your participation is a critical part of this.

As such, an annual subscription to use the M2030 platform is USD $825 per site, with discounts available for small businesses and those registering over 10 sites.

Furthermore, if your site supplies multiple customers in the program, you only have to sign-up and pay once – your submission and actions are shared across all participating customers.


Get started

  1. Sign up to gain access to the M2030 platform using the link below
  2. Add your sites/facilities
  3. Complete your measurements questionnaire
  4. Build your action plan

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