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Oshkosh joins Manufacture 2030 to enhance supply chain sustainability

Oshkosh joins Manufacture 2030 to enhance supply chain sustainability

Manufacture 2030 (M2030) has announced a new partnership with commercial vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation, to reduce emissions across their supply chain.

Oshkosh Corporation is the first manufacturer of purpose-built commercial vehicles to join the M2030 platform, solidifying the company’s commitment to establishing and achieving science-based targets.

In the initial phase of this partnership, Oshkosh will extend the platform to its top 300 suppliers, accounting for approximately 75% of its total supply chain emissions. This move will enable these suppliers to reduce their environmental impact and improve operational efficiencies. 

With the addition of Oshkosh, M2030’s engagement continues to grow across the automotive and heavy industrial space. By bringing together companies like Oshkosh, Honda, Toyota, Ford and more on one collaborative platform, we can drive unified progress and impact scale across these critical sectors.

Speaking on the partnership, Kevin Tubbs, vice president, chief ethics, compliance and sustainability officer at Oshkosh Corporation said: “At Oshkosh, sustainability is integrated into everything we do. Our partnership with Manufacture 2030 will help our suppliers create carbon action plans to drive sustainable growth. Manufacture 2030 is a key program for Oshkosh to help us measure and reduce our supply chain emissions effectively and to make progress towards achieving our sustainability goals.”

Martin Chilcott, Chief Executive Officer at M2030 commented: "I'm delighted to see another leading automotive company, and the first from the heavy industrial sector to join the industry-wide program we are building, which reduces duplication for suppliers and increases engagement and impact. We look forward to collaborating with Oshkosh and their suppliers to take important action in delivering against long-term carbon reduction goals.”

Aaron Mason, Head of Partnerships at M2030 added: "Oshkosh is a leader in the heavy industrial industry, and I'm thrilled to see the commitment they've shown towards reducing emissions within their supply chain. I'm excited to be working alongside them, and to see the extraordinary impact we can create together."