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Webinar series: Compressed Air sustainability and optimization

Webinar series: Compressed Air sustainability and optimization

Compressed air is vital for industrial facilities, but can also be a major source of energy waste and emissions without proper management. This webinar series provides an overview of optimizing compressed air system sustainability.

Manufacture 2030 has partnered with Direct Air to host a webinar series on optimizing compressed air system sustainability. Efficient compressed air is vital for industrial facilities, but can also be a major source of energy waste and emissions without proper management. This series provides practical knowledge to reduce costs and impacts for this key utility.

The series features experts from Direct Air discussing critical topics like leak detection, data logging, heat recovery, and compressor maintenance. Daniel Murphy details cutting energy waste through tracking compressed air usage and conducting leak surveys. Richard Brown covers capturing heat from air compression for reuse in heating applications, and Georgia Lucas explains optimizing compressor performance to prevent downtime. Each presentation provides actionable strategies you can implement at your own facilities. Whether looking to establish a compressed air efficiency program or enhance existing efforts, this webinar series provides the knowledge and solutions to maximize compressed air sustainability.

Listen to the full recordings and access all slides below.

Leak Detection and Data Logging

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for industry, which also makes it one of the largest consumers of energy. Richard Brown from Direct Air gives an overview of what role compressed air heat recovery plays in energy savings and business costs.

Daniel will explore:

  • What is compressed air and why is it important to think about?
  • Why is data logging effective and how does it work?
  • Compressed air leaks
  • Why is identifying leaks important?
  • Leak detection
  • How to address air leaks
  • Maintaining low energy consumption

Heat Recovery

The compressor on your workshop floor often goes unnoticed, leading to costly downtime due to technical faults, ageing machinery and misuse, amongst other causes. Recognizing the substantial impact of compressor energy savings on businesses and the environment, it's crucial to consider solutions like heat recovery, which can reclaim up to 94% of the heat energy supplied to the compressor.

In this session, Richard Brown will explore:

  • Why consider heat recovery?
  • How much heat can be recovered?
  • How can heat be regenerated?
  • Applications for heat recovery
  • Heat recovery installation

Should you Repair or Replace your Air Compressor?

It’s easy to overlook the compressor on your workshop floor, and not give it the attention it needs. This can lead to costly and unexpected downtime in your production facility. Downtime of compressors can be largely attributed to technical faults, the age of the machinery, misuse by employees, external damage and poor maintenance. In this session, Georgia Lucas from Direct Air takes us through what signs to look out for, and whether repairing or replacing is the best solution for your facility.

Georgia will explore:

  • What signs to look out for when considering repair or replace?
  • What to consider when choosing to repair or replace?
  • Purchasing a new compressor
  • How to best maintain and maximise use of a compressor?